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Johnny Kee Performer Series Flutes are the latest Native American Style Flutes from Turtle Mound Flutes. They are the same high quality flutes that we have been making since '06, but without the animal theme artwork and carved fetish. This allows us to offer them to you at a significantly reduced cost. They are made along side our themed flutes, usually in the same batches, with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail in everything from tuning to finish. These flutes are suitable for performers to play on stage or in the studio. They are not lesser quality "student" or "beginner" flutes.

 Why we make Johnny Kee Performer Series Flutes...

 When my alter-ego, Johnny Kee, began doing CD recordings, it created a whole new world of arrangement creativity. Live solo performances were restricted to vocal solos, an accompanying guitar, and flute solos played over short segments of my prerecorded guitar from a "looper." In my studio, I quickly discovered I was free to add vocal harmonies, multiple accompanying instruments, and to create flute duets. Songs I had been playing for years were transposed to new keys to suit two voices in harmony, meaning flutes in new keys were needed in addition to flutes for the harmony parts of the duets. So, what does a flute maker do when he needs new flutes in different keys? Of course, he makes them. But I was only interested in studio quality flutes for their sound, and not for attractive artwork. Thus, I began to add the forerunners of my "performer series" flutes to my personal collection. These were my "normal" flutes but without the artwork.

From the earliest years of Turtle Mound Flutes, we chose to focus on making flutes that not only played and sounded great, but also had animal-themed artwork and carvings. This made them easy to distinguish from all the other flutes out there. Of course, adding the pyrographic and paint artwork, the crushed stone and shell inlay, and the carved animal fetish added considerable time to the construction of the flute, and hence their cost. From time to time people would play my flutes but recoil at the cost and ask if I had a less expensive version. Sometime in early 2019 I began considering making flutes along the same line as those I made for my recordings, and calling them my "Performer Series" flutes. When I shared the idea with some flute playing friends, there was immediate interest. The first few I made quickly sold. That was enough to convince me to add them to my regular offerings. This is how the Johnny Kee Performer Series was born, out of the flutes that were made for Johnny Kee's recordings.

So, what is a Johnny Kee Performer Series Flute?

A Johnny Kee Performer Series flute is a basic studio/stage quality flute without the distinguishing artwork and carvings normally associated with flutes from Turtle Mound Flutes. It has the following characteristics.

At least initially, all Performer Series flutes will be made from eastern red cedar. If you'd like a different wood, just ask. The "block" will be a "traditional bird" design, made with two contrasting color woods.
Near the mouthpiece, each flute will have a small "dot" inlay of crushed stone or shell, such as turquoise, blue lapis, malachite, abalone, etc. Just below the lowest playing hole will be a pyrographic Johnny Kee "signature logo".

So, what does a Johnny Kee Performer Series Flute cost?

A Johnny Kee Performer Series flute will cost about $100 less than the equivalent flute with the artwork and carvings. The current prices are:

Key Price
B, Bb, A, Ab $250
G, F# $275
F, E, Eb, D $300
C#, C, B $350

Call or e-mail for current inventory.

Send mail to webmaster@turtlemoundflutes.com with questions or comments about this web site.